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3D printing revolution

3D printing technology has found its place in many industries, from the medical to the arms and even the space. 3D printing technology marks the beginning of a new industrial revolution. 3D printers can be used to create various things based on sketches drawn on the computer. Among the most impressive objects created using this technology it is included a human ear, a semi-automatic weapon and a skull.

3D printers were first created in the 80s. They were very large and were used for rapid prototyping. The main advantage is made ​​by the fact that the printer can use a wide range of materials such as plastic, bioplastic, metal or concrete. A team of bioengineers and physicians have developed an artificial ear of collagen and cells using the 3D printer. They scanned the ear of a person, created a 3D mold and injected collagen mixture and human cells into it. Thus, thousands of children born with microtia, a congenital malformation that causes deformation, but also people with ears mutilated in accidents will have ears that look and behave exactly like human ears. Thanks to three dimensional printing they can also create incredibly realistic models that can help doctors and patients. Also the team showed how to use 3D printing technology in patients undergoing major trauma.

NASA announced early last year that he wants to bring technology to the moon. Scientists hope to build future homes with three-dimensional printers. They even plan to use the satellite ground as raw material. Until we get, however, to print houses on the moon, you first need to do it on Earth.

Dimensional printers have reached homes of people from Alaska, Anchorage, Barrow, Bethel, Fairbanks, Kenai, Seward and Soldotna. Artists have adopted 3D printers in order to create all kinds of sculptures and toys but not everyone uses them for art’s sake.

November 7, 2013
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