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Do you like the idea of having a business card? It can be a great marketing tool if used correctly (tip: whenever you are handing out a business card, hold it with both hands; it shows that you really care about the information you are offering), but very often people have their business cards’ design totally wrong.

What are the rules of creating relevant business cards?

    • Color psychology

There are two core elements of a successful business card, and one of them is the color of the business card. It goes like this:

–          Orange, in softer nuances, can be used for salons, beauty centers or spas

–          Yellow is good for leisure products and children’s products

–          Black is for luxury and sophistication; in combination with gold it is good for jewelry stores and the like

–          Blue is for health and wellness, travel and relaxation, as well as for political purposes

–          Green – environment; dark green – suggests money, therefore it is representative for financial websites

    • Design

The other core element of the business card is its design. We’ve all seen those cleverly-created business cards that perfectly mirror the owner’s job or position within a company. But you can achieve almost the same effect with a simple, paper print business card that has a clever design.

    • Contact details

Of course, what business card doesn’t have the owner’s contact details on it? Today it is quite easy for someone to come across one’s contact details: we’re using emails, websites, social media profiles, phone numbers, company addresses, and what not. With all those means of contact, you have to decide which are the best for you. How do you prefer people to contact you? While a phone number is always recommended to be included on a business card, you can omit writing your website, or your email address.

  • Business cards printing materials

If you live in Alaska, Anchorage, Barrow, Bethel, Fairbanks, Kenai, Seward, Soldotna then you are one of the lucky ones. You can easily find affordable and high quality business printing centers that also specialize in printing business cards.


October 31, 2014
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