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Why business cards continue to rule the business world?

In this era of Smartphones and social media, it has become easier in connecting compared to before. Yet the flashy technology could not succeed in replacing the old fashioned and effective business card. No matter you are a small business trying to expand or a job seeker attempting to network efficiently, a business card is a must have. If you are thinking of where to purchase business cards from, then call us at Northern Printing right away. The areas that we serve include the different parts of Alaska, Anchorage, Bethel, Fairbanks and Soldotna.

Reasons to use a business card

  • Convenience- we all love convenience, don’t we? A business card can deliver an easy and prompt means of exchanging contact information on the spot with fellow professionals, thereby providing you the choice of saving the hard copy and/or storing the information electronically. A business card is handy and can fit inside a wallet, purse, Padfolio and pocket for easy access. Not only this, with the latest technology, today you can also scan the information present in the business card and store the same in the contact file
  • Networking- a business card is an excellent tool for professional networking. For those on a job hunt can turn the same into a mini resume via adding his/her expertise along with a QR code that will link their LinkedIn profile or online resume. This way the person with whom one is networking will have their contact information, have a better perspective who they are along with a favorable opinion regarding their forward thinking professionalism
  • Low cost- there is nothing to worry for those who are on a budget. We offer a lot of templates which will allow the budget conscious people to choose a business card that has a low cost
  • Branding- after getting a job, a person can use a business card like a miniature kind of branding. In fact, with the company homepage URL and the logo or QR code the receiver will enjoy hassle-free access to information regarding their brand

Technology has changed the business face, but has not substituted a business card. It has in fact improved a business card, thereby making it more useful. Hence, if you desire to advance both yourself as well as your business make the most of a business card. For further information call us or drop us a mail.



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